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TreeRadar Root and decay detection

With 12 years expertise in TreeRadar© for locating tree roots and tree decay detection PBA Consulting have pioneered this technology through collaboration with the TreeRadar Inc. who originally developed the system.

Do you need to locate tree roots?

TreeRadar© utilises ground penetrating radar technology to scan all types of ground to locate structural roots. Through experience we have developed best practices in scanning to provide meaningful analysis of below ground root morphology in order that our client can make measured decisions on development and tree protection.

Advantages of TreeRadar for tree root detection

Maximising development potential:  An invaluable tool for determining what land can be developed, TreeRadar© allows us to provide meaningful subsurface information with regard to BS5837 Trees in Relation to Construction.

Non-invasive: It offers a quick process allowing surveys to be completed without any ground disturbance.

Accuracy: The high degree of accuracy provided by TreeRadar provides predicted root depth and position, and will assist with the installation of services and specialist foundations such as short-bore piles. 

Do you need to assess tree trunk decay?

Being able to detect tree decay is highly advantageous when considering tree health and safety. What sets TreeRadar© decay detection apart from other technologies is its speed and ease of use. On scan completion a simulated cross section of the trunk to graphically illustrate the extent of decay is provided.

Advantages of TreeRadar for tree decay detection

Non-invasive: Equipment is totally non-invasive, no drilling spikes or pins

Fast setup: making decay detection cost effective compared to other technologies

Tree canopy inspections: Scan can be completed by tree climbers for tree canopy inspection

Do you need to locate Badger Setts?

Since badgers are a protected species it is critical that their setts are not disturbed. Utilising TreeRadar© as ground penetrating radar we can quickly determine the location of Badger setts.

Through our experience and awareness of how Badgers live PBA Consulting complete ground scanning for past soil disturbance, locating voids attributable to badger activity. Through analysis we are able to provide accurate information to where underground badger runs exist.

Working with PBA for TreeRadar © surveys

With 12 years’ experience in TreeRadar© surveying throughout the UK and Europe our clients benefit from our pioneering expertise along with the scan verses excavation proofing exercises completed in collaboration with TreeRadar Inc.

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If you would like to discuss our TreeRadar© services including tree decay detection or locating tree roots please feel free to call us on 01202 816134.